A downloadable dungeon crawl

A dungeon crawler RPG with a bug theme.


I'm working on a dungeon crawler with RPG Maker MV! It's themed around bugs and will have a similar game loop as roguelikes. More similar to the Mystery Dungeon games, than Angband or something. It's not really a roguelike, but you will lose resources when you die, multiple runs in to a random dungeon are needed to win and other random elements. There will also be a big focus on customizing your characters, including appearances, skills, equipment, stats, etc. If you're interested in dungeon crawlers, gameplay-focused RPGs or roguelikes, it might be your sort of thing!

I don't know when it will be done, but when it is I'm planning to provide a web demo version with the first few sections and have the full downloadable version be paid. I plan on having a pretty big amount of play time (8hrs+), so it should be worth paying for. I've never made such a big game before, so I'll see when I finish it.

I'll upload demos when development progresses, but this is a mechanically complicated game so that wont be any time soon. Anyway, if you're interested, I'm updating the devlog with a changelog of all the bits and bobs I've been doing for the game. When things get more substantial, I might do some full fledged devlogs, too.

Also sometimes I post feature updates/screenshots/thoughts on my twitter @cortopdev. If you like seeing that sort of thing on your front page, then give me a follow!

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