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Officially on hiatus.

Need a break from writing stuff. Sorry. Comments are still welcome and will be taken into account when I get back to it. I'm still making games, though. No multi year disappearances this time haha...

What is this game?

Fracteria is a fantasy RPG inspired by vaguely remembered games from the 90s. The story starts in the kingdom of Fracteria: a country ripped apart by a volcanic eruption and the loss of an overseas war. Ash is a guard working closely with Fracteria's king and is tasked in hunting down a deserter of his army. But that isn't what this story is about: it's an exploration into the interpersonal relationships of a group of lost and lonely 20-somethings as they try to navigate personal meaning and a fantasy world full of monsters and ancient prophecies. Dragons, love, revenge and betrayal are all here for your enjoyment!

This demo follows the first 3 chapters that introduce the main characters. After that is the 4th chapter that opens up the world to explore. Currently the game is about 3 hrs long. I have no plans for how long the 4th chapter will be, but expect at least another 3hrs, probably longer.

You can follow development of Fracteria and other creations by me on my twitter: https://twitter.com/cortopdev

Why is this game?

As the tagline suggests, this is a character-driven RPG that brings stuff that I like from games like Final Fantasy 4 & 6, Dragon Quest 4 & 5 and anything else that unconsciously flopped off my nostalgia-addled brain and into this game. It is in stark contrast to the high concept (ish) games I usually design, but expect some fun stuff and a bunch of puzzles to break up the usual JRPG flow.

It's a simple game with lots of text, that is my tribute to all those self-indulgent, angsty rpg maker games! Well, not really, but a wise man once said, "if you love something enough, then you shouldn't take it seriously." That's my ethos for this game.

Anyway, I'm having fun pouring whatever I like into this without worrying too much. It's a very selfish game, but I want to share it anyway. Maybe someone will get something out of it!

By the way, don't bother keeping your savefiles for the next part, because it's very likely they wont be compatible. I'll provide a savefile that starts at the next chapter when I release it.


Please read this post for full credits: https://cortopdev.itch.io/fracteria/devlog/100348/full-credits-for-fracteria-dem...

Install instructions

Just unzip the downloaded file and open Game.exe to play!


Fracteria Chapter 3 Demo fixed.zip 289 MB
Fracteria 0.2 DEMO.zip 200 MB
Fracteria 0.1 DEMO.zip 159 MB

Development log


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Loved this game! Reminds me of oldschool snes classics =)

Thank you! Glad you liked it! I'm hoping to get another update out in a couple of weeks, so come back then if you want more :)