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Neat game!

While I like 'stock rpg maker battles' what you did with encounters here works really well!

Everything was relatively cool and straightforward, and I think we need more small chill games like this.

However, there were a couple times I hit a loading screen that never ended. Specifically out near the rabbit's hut and when entering the snow cabin for the first time.

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Hey, thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it, it was originally made for a small community jam so that explains the length, but I like short and sweet games, too. I've been considering porting the game into the newest version of RPG Maker MV (this was made pretty close to release) and seeing if I can fix some bugs, so maybe look out of a fixed version in the future? I've heard about that loading problem before and its really annoying, so It'd be satisfying to get around to fixing it.

Also I have nothing against stock rpg maker battles, but they do get boring after spending so much time in the community! My newest indev game has said battles, so maybe look out for that in the far far future if you're interested!


I just might!

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Love the game, nice old school exploration feel!

I'm playing 1.1 but seemed to come across a bug. After getting the canoe I went north/north-west from the Christmas Rabbit's hut and the game gets forever stuck on a "Loading..." screen. If I exited west, then went back to the Rabbit's hut screen, I could then for some reason proceed to the other exits without it getting stuck again

hey man loved the game my buddy and i did a lets play video of it heres the link if you wanna check it out theres 4 part btw

Thanks dude <3

Yeah no problem we had a blast if you make another game.hit us up we will be more than happy to play it